As a website development company, we are facing competition like never before. What makes it tough is the double attach – the changes in technology and the changes in business strategies of our faceless competitors. But we love challenges and for us, it is just another problem to be solved or a revision that is required to provide optimized, low cost custom website development services to our clients.
But due to high competition, you are the clear winner! You have so many choices that the quotes have to go down on our part! Interestingly, we are still making profit and we have a sustainable business model to hold on to:
We spend a good amount of time listening to our clients and giving suggestions on various aspects, based on our experiences and industry standards.
Once we have jotted down everything that our clients want and what is the intent, our research team delves deep to understand the client’s business model. They extract the crux of our client’s competitors and also studies heavily about the industry of our client.
Next, we prepare a solid action plan based on the findings and recommendations of our research team. This plan of action is circulated to the design team, the development team and the marketing team, so that they can work on it in tandem.
Our design team comes up with a meaningful and sleek logo that represents our client’s brand and places the same for the client’s approval. Once these are approved, we march ahead full-steam.
The designers create wonderful templates; the communication team prepares content (if the client asks us to do so) and the developers play with the codes. Several prototypes and demos are placed for the client’s approval, so that time and energy is saved in revising the same stuff again and again, once we are too deep into the project.
The final prototype, with its fully functional features and databases, is tested rigorously before it is hosted.
When we satisfy ourselves that we have given it all on our part, we deliver the finished website to our client along with a content management system.
We have revealed all our secrets that we adopt to make custom website development possible. Not that we don’t care about our competitors, but as a website development company, we feel proud about the level of transparency and honesty we maintain with our clients.
Allow us to make an honest confession at this stage – To carry the cross of low cost website development is not at all an easy task. Most importantly, what most people confuse with low cost is cheap quality; half-baked templates, irrelevant content and mindless codes. That is truly unfortunate for a website development company like us, because we keep the tab down only to keep it within your reach, not to sacrifice the quality of the custom website we create and the level of service we deliver.